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Well here at Fokken Nuts there’s a whole heck of a Fokken lot.

Fokken is my family name and I promise you we aren’t swearing at you when we say it.


YES, we KNOW there is a lot of word play with our name which we intend to use. BUT it will never cross a limit that creates an uncomfortable, tasteless or disrespectful situation. Everything will always be all in good fun.

I had a turbulent childhood and came from meager beginnings. There was a lot of struggle and a lot of chaos in my young life. Unfortunately, we often found our home without food and/or electricity. I experienced things no child should have to go through.

Fortunately, I had a savior in my grandparents who took me in often. I was consistently given peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (of course with a 4 to 1 ratio of peanut butter to jelly) as it was my favorite food. I was allowed to have as much as I wanted to make up for the lack of sustenance at home.

Today, peanut butter reminds me of the good times. It reminds me of the struggles I overcame and the love I was given even in the trying times.

And if you hadn’t noticed, peanut butter is STILL my favorite food. Hence, the start of Fokken Nuts.

This relates to my childhood and also my life today. During those traumatic times I endured I was fascinated by the likes of Superman, Hulk Hogan, Optimus Prime and others who had strength and did good with it.


I felt if I was more like these characters, I could not only help my situation, but I could help others too. I went through a phase where I flexed in every picture I was in. My family even had to start holding my arms down so I didn’t ruin the family pictures with my “huge muscles”. Hence, the flexing peanut and Superman color scheme.


The image of Fokken Nuts brings my past full circle to my present day life as a fitness industry professional and pro bodybuilding athlete.


Our goal is to provide you with a product that allows you to have fun, yet also provides you with a feeling of comfort and joy when you eat them. We hope we can be part of the memories you share with your friends and family.


Today, I'm a father to my son Eastan. This company and these products are as much his as they are mine and I hope to continue to grow in this industry and create memories with him along the way that make him proud to be a Fokken.


With that, I hope you enjoy our peanut butter and I’d like to officially welcome you to the Fokken Nuts family.

Brandan Fokken


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